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Myles Jack medical re-check: Mixed opinions on knee recovery

Myles Jack thinks the re-check of his knee went great. Some teams disagree with him.

The 2016 NFL Draft is two weeks away, and a big date just passed for it. Thursday saw players with medical questions go through a re-check in Indianapolis. This provides teams a chance to check on injuries and see how a player is progressing.

There were plenty of big names on hand, and the most notable for 49ers fans was probably Myles Jack. The UCLA linebacker tore his lateral meniscus back in September, and has been working back from the injury ever since. He did not run a 40, but took part in a variety of other activities at his Pro Day. His UCLA surgeon cleared him, but questions have remained to some extent.

After the re-check, Jack told ESPN's Stephania Bell that nobody had any concerns about his knee. I would expect nothing less from the player, but there are some conflicting opinions with teams.

Each team is allowed to do a check on the knee, so it is no surprise there would be differing opinions. I doubt we'll hear which teams felt what, but I suppose once we see where he is drafted, we'll know of at least one team that is not as concerned as others.

Jack has been projected into the top seven picks, and there is hope from some fans that he will slip to the 49ers. The Los Angeles Rams trade to move up to the No. 1 pick likely means both Jared Goff and Carson Wentz will go in the top two. That means at least one of the notable defensive prospects will probably drop to No. 7. That bodes well for the 49ers (assuming you weren't completely sold on either of the two QB prospects).