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Muhammad Wilkerson would 'love to play [for 49ers],' according to Matt Barrows

A player looking for a long-term deal would love to play for a team with a ton of cap room. Not exactly shocking, but interesting nonetheless.

This will certainly get some folks excited. Matt Barrows posted a mailbag this morning, and in it he got a question about the San Francisco 49ers draft plans at No. 7 in light of Thursday's trade. Barrows discussed trade ideas, and mentioned the idea of the New York Jets moving up to No. 7. It appears contingent on a quarterback slipping there, so we can only do so much with that. However, there was one particularly interesting line in his answer regarding Jets defensive lineman Muhammad Wilkerson:

Wilkerson wants a fresh start and I'm told he'd love to play in San Francisco, which is something you don't hear a lot of defensive players saying.

I don't see a quarterback being available at No. 7 for the Jets to grab, but it is still interesting to consider if the 49ers would be willing to do a deal that nets them Wilkerson. The 49ers have a need at defensive line, and they have the cap space to get Wilkerson the kind of long-term deal he likely wants.

Of course, that's sort of the rub. Wilkerson wants a long-term deal, and the Jets are not going to be doing that anytime soon. The 49ers have a lot of cap space and could use a player of his caliber. So, consider me not all that surprised that Wilkerson would love that kind of opportunity. That's not to say he wouldn't legitimately enjoy playing in San Francisco, but let's consider all the context.