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Flashback Friday: The 2014 draft revisited

Our coverage of draft's past ends this week, with a draft the jury is still out on.

We're back with another fine draft video this week. This time it's a draft we can't really put a finger on, besides tell you it's a very bittersweet one. It's one that won't be remembered as particularly awesome, but one we need more time to declare it particularly awful.

2014 was a strange, strange season. The San Francisco 49ers had just come off another heartbreaking loss in the NFC Championship to the eventual Super Bowl champions, the Seattle Seahawks (which we're still hearing about), and there were murmurs going on that there were growing feuds in the front office between head coach Jim Harbaugh and general manager Trent Baalke.

The draft didn't really show much of a grudge between the two. The first pick, Jimmy Ward, felt like a reach (though some on the ESPN staff thought it was a good pick) but the kid was flat out fun to watch in college and right now just may be coming into his own. Carlos Hyde was another good pick that has shown flashes of dominance, but unfortunately hasn't been able to really show us a full season due to injuries. The only real negative in this draft so far was Marcus Martin, a steal of a pick at the time, but the writing may have been on the wall since he was the last person to leave the green room in round 3. And who can remember Chris Borland, a pick that was another steal, a player that was the heir to Patrick Willis, who retired the same year as number 52.

So there was some good, and then there was some non-existent. We just don't know how good the good players are. At least it wasn't 2012. Two years later and we still have more hope with this class than we did in 2014 with that 2012 class.

Update: The NFL's DMCA biscuits strike again. You'll need to go to the video's page to watch it. It's not available anywhere else I can think of...