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Muhammad Wilkerson appears to refute 49ers rumor on Twitter

Earlier Friday, Matt Barrows made an interesting remark in a mailbag column. While discussing the 49ers No. 7 pick, he discussed a hypothetical trade of Muhammad Wilkerson to the San Francisco 49ers so that the New York Jets could climb up in the first round. In discussing the hypothetical, Barrows said, "Wilkerson wants a fresh start and I'm told he'd love to play in San Francisco."

Obviously that got our tongues wagging, even though it was as part of a hypothetical. That being said, it appears Wilkerson heard a thing or two on Twitter about it. Later Friday afternoon, Wilkerson tweeted something that might have been related to it:

It could very well have been related to something else entirely, but my guess is he was commenting on the 49ers mention. And so, for now, that would seem to end that discussion fairly quickly.