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49ers draft needs: Offensive line high on the list

The people have spoken, and here are how they view the 49ers draft needs.

Earlier this week, I posted a poll asking people to rank what they viewed as the San Francisco 49ers top five draft needs. After five days of balloting, we have 2,495 votes, and a pretty clear breakdown. Here is how the top five broke down, with first place votes in parenthesis. At the bottom of the page, I've posted a screenshot of the entire results.

Offensive tackle: 5,755 (450)
Quarterback: 5,675 (692)
Offensive guard: 5,193 (277)
Inside linebacker: 4,515 (225)
Defensive line: 4,195 (296)

I was checking in on the results each day throughout the week, and quarterback led through Wednesday. Offensive tackle slowly closed in, and then moved ahead on Thursday. I have a hunch that some people who voted on Thursday and Friday might have decided the Titans-Rams trade moved quarterback out of reach and thus decided to look at other needs. That wasn't quite the plan with this, but I can see how the trade might influence people to some degree.

It is interesting though that offensive tackle and guard combine to make up such a huge portion of the vote. If we were ranking just based on second place votes, it would have been OG, OT, OLB, ILB, DL. The trenches are big in this one, and given Trent Baalke's history, I think we can expect him to address the offensive line and the defensive front quite a bit in two weeks.