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Anquan Boldin in no rush in free agency

The San Francisco 49ers wide receiver depth is something that will need to be replenished this offseason, and more than likely the team will be looking to replace Anquan Boldin. Trent Baalke said back in March that no discussions have been held with Boldin, and both sides would get back together on his future sometime later in the offseason. That sounded like both sides agreed Boldin would look elsewhere, and they would re-assess it if nothing came of his free agency.

Boldin visited Washington back in late March, and there had previously been speculation of some interest by the New England Patriots. The receiver recently had his 12th annual Q-Fest in Florida, raising money for his charity. During that event, he had a chance to discuss his future in the NFL:

"I'm taking my time right now," Boldin said. "It's the first time in 13 years I've been a free agent, so I get to pick where I want to go now. I'm definitely going to take my time and make the best decision for me and my family."

I had forgotten that Boldin has never previously been a free agent. The Arizona Cardinals drafted him and eventually signed him to an extension. After seven seasons, they then traded him to the Baltimore Ravens. He spent three seasons there before being traded to the 49ers. And now, he's a free agent.

The article with that quotation made an interesting point about Boldin's free agency plans:

When Boldin had the final three years of his contract with the 49ers voided in February, he had two things on his mind: play for a winner and avoid offseason workouts.

Given his veteran status, I'm not surprised Boldin would want to avoid offseason workouts. He's a disciplined player, and keeping in shape does not strike me as an issue for him. And obviously he wants to play for a winner. That's why it becomes harder and harder to see the 49ers being that choice in 2016. He has said he enjoys the area, and has enjoyed his relationship with the organization, but with contract talks not happening, I just don't see him returning.