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Tony Jerod-Eddie contract includes Week 1 roster bonus

The San Francisco 49ers announced the re-signing of defensive lineman Tony Jerod-Eddie 12 days ago, and we finally have a rundown of his contract numbers. According to a source, Jerod-Eddie's $1 million salary includes a base salary of $800,000, and various bonuses. Here is the full breakdown:

Signing bonus: $25,000
Base salary: 800,000
Week 1 roster bonus: $50,000
Season-long roster bonuses: $100,000 ($6,250 per game)
Workout bonus: $25,000
Incentives (Not likely to be earned): $300,000 (doesn't count against cap unless he reaches incentives)

Jerod-Eddie is a perfectly fine substitute option. He can play all along the line, and given the rotation we are likely to see opposite Chip Kelly's high-paced offense, the more bodies the better.

At the same time, the 49ers are not exactly committed to much with Jerod-Eddie. If Kaleb Ramsey or Garrison Smith emerges this year, and if the team adds some talent in the draft, TJE very well could be cut by the end of training camp. If TJE is on the roster when training camp begins, the 49ers would be on the hook for $50,000 in dead money. Well, that is assuming he does not have any of his base salary guaranteed.

The training camp competition along the defensive line will be a big one. Right now, Quinton Dial and Arik Armstead would be starting. Ian Williams normally would start at nose tackle, but we don't yet know his status for training camp. Mike Purcell would seem to have a good shot of moving into the starting lineup at nose tackle. Garrison Smith is likely an even bigger beneficiary given that he was further down the depth chart. My guess is one of him or Kaleb Ramsey stands a decent chance of securing a roster spot. I'd say Jerod-Eddie stands a very good chance of earning a roster spot, but we'll see what the draft brings in terms of defensive line additions.