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Maybe Steph Curry can play some QB at 49ers rookie camp

The Golden State Warriors rolled the Houston Rockets on Saturday, winning Game 1 of their first round series 104-78. Steph Curry led the way with 24 points, and sat all but three minutes of the second half with an ankle injury. The Rockets cut the lead to 15 at one point, but the Warriors pulled away in the fourth quarter. Curry is questionable for Game 2, but has said he intends on playing.

The Warriors were rolling throughout, and you could tell prior to the game that the team was pretty loose. There were numerous examples of Steph Curry having fun during pre-game warmups. He played some baseball, did some soccer drills, and even got in some football.

In the video below, you can see him at quarterback, running a little play action and completing the pass to the other sideline. It was a little bit high, so he'll want to work a bit on leading the receiver, but all in all, not too bad. The 49ers will host a voluntary minicamp next week, and their rookie minicamp in early May. I'm guessing Steph will be a little busy, although if they continue playing like they did on Saturday, he could find some time off quickly between each series.