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Texans release Brian Hoyer, opens door for Jets, Broncos leverage

Well, this adds something else to the mix in the quarterback carousel.

The Houston Texans signed Brock Osweiler earlier this offseason, and in a move that is not entirely surprising, they have released Brian Hoyer. A team can never have too many serviceable quarterbacks, but I am guessing the Texans would prefer to try and develop Tom Savage behind Osweiler. Hoyer wasn't a particularly good quarterback for them, but he had his moments.

There is already interest, according to various reports. Jason LaCanfora tweeted that the Pittsburgh Steelers are an interested party. Aaron Wilson tweeted that as well, and also added the Jets to the mix. New York has been negotiating with Ryan Fitzpatrick, but that is at a stand-still for the moment. I imagine the Jets will try and use Hoyer to leverage Fitzpatrick into a deal. I would rather have Fitzpatrick than Hoyer, but that won't stop the Jets from sniffing around.

The next step will be for the Denver Broncos to get in the mix. Right now, Mark Sanchez and Trevor Siemian are their only quarterbacks. They have held firm in their negotiations with the San Francisco 49ers and Colin Kaepernick. Right around the draft is the last, best chance for something to get done. I'll stick with my Friday, Day 2 prediction, but this circus is showing no signs of ending. I fully expect to hear reports of the Broncos bringing in Hoyer for a look at some point in the next week and a half.