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49ers quarterback score in Madden 16 is second to last

The San Francisco 49ers have a chance of improving their overall team score in Madden with draft additions. Chances are, their quarterback situation may stay stagnant.

After news of the Los Angeles Rams trade, and the fact I lightly looked at the QB situation for them when I glossed over Madden, I thought I'd take one last look at the San Francisco 49ers quarterback situation according to Madden, because we all know the Madden rankings are the most educated rankings in sports...right?

With a rating of 76, the 49ers are ranked 31st in the NFL for the quarterback position, one point behind the Cleveland Browns at 77. I believe these rankings take into account the starter as well as the depth beyond in the position. Who's behind the 49ers? The St. Louis (Los Angeles in real life) Rams. There's a block of teams here with low cap hits in the 4-7 million range, which is rather humorous when you look at the 49ers $13 million hit to the position. More interesting is how the Rams won't have much to do to improve themselves, given they draft a halfway decent quarterback. I believe either Carson Wentz or Jared Goff will win a few games to start the season while defenses figure them out, they seem to at least have that capability. I'm sure with that, they should at least move to the mid 20s for most of the season.

Of course that leaves San Francisco. They may draft a quarterback, they may not, though it's highly likely they take one somewhere. I do know with the Rams trade, whoever they draft has a high likelihood of sitting and not changing their QB metrics very much according to Madden stat-guy.

The most interesting thing though is the depth chart. Colin Kaepernick is listed at No. 1 with an overall ranking of 76. Who's at No. 2? Blaine Gabbert with an overall ranking of 77. Sure, one point isn't that much of a difference, especially when Kap began the season with an 81 rating, but this depth chart is almost indicative of how dysfunctional the 49ers' QB situation really is.

I do think whoever the Rams draft is going to be an immediate upgrade to their numbers. That means, as of right now, there's a good chance the 49ers could be ranked last in quarterback this season.

Do you think they can improve their quarterback ranking?