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Myles Jack knee injury called 'time bomb' by some anonymous NFL people

Who knows where Myles Jack will be drafted at this point.

We are less than a week removed from the medical re-checks, and there is plenty of anonymous chatter about Myles Jack. The UCLA linebacker tore his meniscus in September, and has been rehabbing it since. Last week we heard that some teams were fine with Jack's knee recovery, while others were concerned it was not recovering fast enough.

Now, we have a little something else. Philadelphia Eagles reporter Les Bowen had this to say about Jack:

Peter King added this tweet:

That tweet is not meant to say Jack will turn out like Munoz, but it is to say that teams failing a player on his physical is not the end of the world. But it is something that needs to be considered very carefully. Trent Baalke has shown a bit of a fetish for players with knee problems. If the 49ers ended up with Jack at No. 7, I can only imagine the "well, obviously" comments following the pick.

People are now asking, well, is Jack worth taking now at No. 7? I honestly have no clue. I don't know the true state of Jack's knee. I also don't know what benefit Bowen's anonymous sources might have in convincing other teams to stay away from Jack. I suppose multiple people saying the same thing is noteworthy, but when it comes to anonymous sources, we always have to take them with the proverbial grain of salt.