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Golden Nuggets: Almost A Week Away

Tuesday, April 19th, 2016 edition of the Golden Nuggets, a daily compilation of San Francisco 49ers links from the Internet

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The 49ers hosted Cal QB Jared Goff for the 3rd time at their headquarters in Santa Clara on Monday. The owners of the #7 pick are permitted 30 visits by prospects. It is not likely that the 49ers will have the chance to draft Goff unless they trade up in the draft. The Cleveland Browns are expected to draft a quarterback with the #2 pick, but the newly relocated Los Angeles Rams traded all the way up to the #1 pick last week. They are expected to use that pick on either Goff or Carson Wentz with the Browns taking the one of the 2 not selected #1 overall.

Now that those 2 quarterbacks should be gone by the time the 49ers select #7, the team will have to adjust their draft board. Many mock drafts had Goff going to the 49ers before the big trade, but now they have the team selecting DL DeForest Buckner, LB Myles Jack, OL Ronnie Stanley, or newly added to the list QB Paxton Lynch. A defensive player makes a lot of sense to draft experts because the team needs to reload the talent that the defense used to have. Ronnie Stanley would be a good pick because the offensive line needs an immediate upgrade. It is the biggest need on the team.

The intriguing pick would be either Myles Jack or Paxton Lynch. Jack could be a star, but his health is a big question mark. Reports surfaced that his knee is a "time bomb". Paxton is regarded as the #3 best QB in the draft. If Chip Kelly decides that he needs a quarterback, will he and Trent pick one at #7 regardless if Wentz and Goff are already off the board? Trent needs to make sure Chip has the pieces he needs to be successful or Trent could be looking for a new job.

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