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49ers, Broncos have an agreement on a trade, unless they don't

Someone just figure something out already.

Fooch's update - Florio adds more to Rapoport/Barrows side of things:

The next 24-48 hours are going to be slightly interesting, to say the least. Earlier on Saturday, Adam Schefter reported that the San Francisco 49ers and Denver Broncos had come to an agreement in principle on the terms of trading Colin Kaepernick. The only hold-up left was getting his contract restructured.

A little later in the afternoon, Ian Rapoport reported that not only was there no agreement on a restructured contract, but there was also no agreement on picks to be traded. Here are both sides tweets:

Adam Schefter

Ian Rapoport

This was then followed by a tweet from Matt Barrows suggesting Rapoport might be more spot on than Schefter.

The 49ers open their offseason workout program on Monday. Odds seem decent that if a deal is going to get done, it would probably be before Kaepernick is expected in Santa Clara. But as this shows, nothing is particularly clear.

Clearly our safest bet is waiting for Jay Glazer to chime in with his unique brand of scoopage.