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Connor Cook working with George Whitfield, Jimmy Raye

The one-time San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator is working with a potential 49ers QB target.

The 2016 NFL Draft is a week away, and while draft boards are likely pretty much complete, that is not stopping prospects from continuing to shore up their game. Michigan State quarterback Connor Cook is continuing his work, and he has some familiar faces helping him out (h/t return2greatness & Jed08).

Cook is working with QB coach George Whitfield, who spent some time as an intern under Jim Harbaugh. The more interesting name though is former San Francisco 49ers offensive coordinator Jimmy Raye. It is safe to say 49ers fans will shudder just a little bit at the mere mention of Raye's name. Those were some dark times.

The 49ers have been connected to Connor Cook, and have done extensive work on him this offseason (and I'm guessing before). The team needs a quarterback, and the Los Angeles Rams trade to No. 1 likely removes Jared Goff and Carson Wentz from the equation. Whatever the team thought before the trade, they are likely left trying to figure out what to do with their remaining picks after No. 7 overall. They can get a quarterback, but now it is a matter of timing that pick just right.

The Cook rumors have been extensive, but I still think it is a bit of a false flag. However, if the 49ers end up drafting Cook, the Raye connection will make draft day all the more entertaining!