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Eagles trade for No. 2 overall pick from Browns

The Eagles have made a big move.

OK, this is just a wee bit crazy. The Philadelphia Eagles have made a trade with the Cleveland Browns to acquire the No. 2 overall pick. The Eagles are getting No. 2 and the Browns 2017 fourth round pick, in exchange for their first, third and fourth round picks this year, their 2017 first round pick, and their 2018 second round pick.

This is a really fascinating deal for a variety of reasons. Does this mean the Eagles grade out both Carson Wentz and Jared Goff equally? Do they have an eye on Laremy Tunsil or Ezekiel Elliott, or somebody else? The conservative guess is they grade the two QBs equally, but maybe they are about to flip this draft on its ear.

The San Francisco 49ers had been mentioned as a team potentially interested in that No. 2 pick, but the Eagles were more closely linked to it. I am still surprised the deal happened today instead of on draft day after the Rams pick is known. The whole thing is really fascinating and will flip even more mock drafts on their ear!