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2016 NFL Draft rumors: Washington, Cleveland open to trading down in first round

The 2016 NFL Draft is eight days away, which means teams are doing everything they can to make sure people know they are open to trading. We've seen two huge deals go down, with the Los Angeles Rams climbing to the No. 1 pick, and the Philadelphia Eagles climbing to the No. 2 pick.

Now that the big moves are out of the way, I have to think we see some more dealing go down throughout Thursday. The Chargers pick at No. 3 is likely on the market, but most picks now to be dealt are going to happen once the draft arrives and we see who is going where.

Teams are always willing to trade picks during the draft, but the lead up to the event has teams getting specific on what they want to do. Washington is among those going public (sort of) indicating the No. 21 pick is available, according to ESPN's Britt McHenry. Oh, and shortly before publishing this I saw that Cleveland has said they would be open to trading down from their now No. 8 pick. Not really surprising.

I think most would agree this is not exactly news. Most any team is going to be open to trading back. For our purposes, we are left to wonder if the 49ers might be willing to make a move into the back end of the first round. Whether it be an aggressive push for Connor Cook, or finding somebody else, the 49ers have plenty of assets to make that kind of move.

In 2013, the 49ers traded from No. 31 to No. 18 using a third round pick. Using Washington as an example, the 49ers would potentially be climbing from No. 37 to No. 21. That is more overall picks, but it is also three picks lower than the Reid pick. My guess is the price would probably be fairly similar. Maybe a third and a sixth for a seventh to swap 21 and 37, or something along those lines.

Most of these teams at the bottom half of the first round are likely very anxious to see what happens with Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch. With Jared Goff and Carson Wentz expected to go off the board fairly quickly, will a team move up higher to get Lynch? Or will teams roll the dice and see how far Lynch might slip? Lynch could be the guy who helps flip that back half of the first round.