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Vernon Adams has not had a single pre-draft visit or workout

The Oregon quarterback is an intriguing option, but teams seem to be laying low with him for now.

The San Francisco 49ers have been mentioned as a potential landing spot for Oregon quarterback Vernon Adams, but they might be playing their interest fairly close to the vest. In fact, the entire NFL might be doing so. Eric Branch spoke with Adams on Wednesday, and Adams told him he has not had a single pre-draft workout or official visit.

Adams' size likely is playing a part in it, but I am surprised not a single team would have him in for a visit. Even if he is going to end up as an undrafted free agent, teams will still meet with some players that fit that option. Instead, Adams might be left guessing about what is going on. It is possible he has been asked to keep a visit a secret, but the more logical idea is that most teams take issue with his size and think the offense did more to put him into a position to succeed.

It only takes one team liking a player for him to be drafted, but if he does not get drafted, my guess is it is a height thing. Branch pointed out in his article that eight quarterbacks at the NFL Combine have measured 5'11 or shorter between 2000 and 2015. In that time, five were not drafted, and Russell Wilson and Seneca Wallace were the only ones to attempt an NFL pass. It is entirely possible teams just will not want to risk a draft pick on him. We'll find out next week!