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John Elway describes Colin Kaepernick talks as 'dormant', Brian Hoyer headed for visit to third team

And the Colin Kaepernick saga will continue to drag on.

The Denver Broncos wrapped up their visit with free agent quarterback Brian Hoyer, and according to general manager John Elway, Hoyer is headed off to visit a third team. The Jets and Broncos are the two remaining teams with significant starting opportunities available. All other remaining teams have someone in mind, and Hoyer would likely be all but certain to be looking at a backup role.

Elways described the Colin Kaepernick trade talks as dormant. He said an offer is there, but nothing is happening, but at this point, things are pretty quiet. A week from today, the first round of the 2016 NFL Draft will be starting. That would seem to qualify as the next major benchmark for a trade getting done.

I've said I think a deal gets done on that Friday. The reason would be that we'll know how many quarterbacks have gone in the first round, and if the Broncos grabbed one with the 31st pick. If they have, then I don't see a deal happening. If they have not, it just seems to make sense that they would eventually give in on the contract demands. Of course, the Broncos are coming off a Super Bowl victory, so maybe Elway is fine just digging in and not giving in to the pressure.