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Nick Moody has disappeared, rather than testify at Aldon Smith DUI trial

I don't know what to make of this. It's weird stuff.

This is officially getting really weird. Two weeks ago, a Miami judge ordered former San Francisco 49ers linebacker Nick Moody to appear in Santa Clara for Aldon Smith's DUI trial. Moody was reportedly on hand the night of the DUI, and the Santa Clara prosecutor is trying to compel him to testify.

And now, Nick Moody has disappeared.

Moody was scheduled to appear in a Miami courtroom on Friday to assure a judge he would testify. David Ovalle is reporting that Moody did not appear on Friday, and has not responded to emails, texts, and phone calls from Santa Clara and Miami prosecutors. An arrest warrant was issued, and if he is found, he will likely be held in jail and then transported to Santa Clara for Smith's trial.

It is safe to say Nick Moody did not really care to testify against Aldon Smith. I have no idea what this all means, but it is getting seriously weird. I suppose it could be a "don't snitch" kind of thing, but this seems a bit extreme. So crazy.