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Washington flies Josh Norman into town on a private jet

The first stop in Josh Norman's free agency tour is underway, as he has arrived in Virginia to meet with Scot McCloughan and company at Washington's main offices. The team operates out of Virginia, and plays their games in Maryland, for those not aware.

The team is getting first crack at a guy who could end up being the highest paid cornerback in the NFL before all is said and done. And getting first crack could be big. Even more so is that he is kind of at their mercy for travel. Dan Snyder reportedly flew Norman and his family into town on his own private jet, according to Matt Barrows. Whomever else might be interested will likely need to pick him up with a private plane, or pony up for some quality commercial flying for Norman and the family.

On Thursday, Matt Maiocco was discussing Norman's status, and he had an interesting report:

The source said the 49ers were likely hoping for a "soft market" for Norman. It is unlikely the 49ers will enter a bidding war that could make him the highest-paid player on the team, the source said. The 49ers "like the player," but the source said Norman's might not be a perfect fit in the team's defensive scheme.

There has been talk that the 49ers and Washington are the two front-runners in this negotiation. Of course, it is possible the 49ers interest is being used to help drive up Washington's price. The Jaguars also reportedly had interest, but their GM apparently said there were significant differences with Norman on length and dollar amount.

My guess is he signs with Washington without actually leaving town. I suspect he sticks around overnight, and something gets done on Saturday.