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Josh Norman sweepstakes down to Washington, Saints

A mystery team emerged in the Josh Norman sweepstakes, and it turns out to be the New Orleans Saints. They and Washington appear to be the finalists.

The San Francisco 49ers interest in Josh Norman is apparently over before it could really get going. ESPN's Adam Schefter is reporting that the sweepstakes are down to Washington and the New Orleans Saints. Norman is visiting in Washington today, but his agent seems busy on the phones with the Saints. According to Ian Rapoport, Sean Payton has been on the phone with Norman.

The Saints have $3 million and change in cap space available, but that does not factor in their draft class. Including their incoming rookies, they will be over the cap. That means they would need to do some restructuring and/or extensions.

Whatever your thoughts about Norman's ability, it was probably far-fetched to think the 49ers would get into any sort of serious involvement at the price being mentioned. Trent Baalke does not spend that kind of money in free agency. He will make splashes on occasion, but nothing near that kind of philosophy altering dollar figure.