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Lines for 49ers first 15 games have them as underdogs or pick 'em across the board

CG Technology has the lines for Weeks 1-16 of the 2016 NFL season. They will change plenty, but this is an interesting starting point. The 49ers are underdogs most of the season.

The San Francisco 49ers schedule was released a little over a week ago, and shortly after, the LV SuperBook installed the team as a 2.5-point home underdog against the Los Angeles Rams in Week 1. Week 1 lines will change plenty, but not as much as lines the rest of the season. The folks at CG Technology once again have come out with lines for the first 16 weeks of the season. They do not include Week 17 because players are often resting that week. It's a little odd they would give lines for Week 16, but not 17 this far in advance, but we'll take it.

The 49ers face a lot of questions this season, and the weekly lines reflect that. They are underdogs in 12 games, and a pick 'em in three. The three pick 'ems are home games against the Buccaneers, Saints, and Jets. The biggest line is +14 points at the Seahawks, followed by +11.5 at the Panthers and +10.5 at the Cardinals. Their biggest home lines are +6 against the Cardinals and the Patriots.

These lines are going to change. I think we see money come in on the 49ers for Week 1, and it would not surprise me to see them favored by game day. I don't think they will be favored by a lot, but they will be favored at least a little bit.

Week 1: vs. Los Angeles Rams (+2)
Week 2: @ Carolina Panthers (+11.5)
Week 3: @ Seattle Seahawks (+14)
Week 4: vs. Dallas Cowboys (+3)
Week 5: vs. Arizona Cardinals (+6)
Week 6: @ Buffalo Bills (+7)
Week 7: vs. Tampa Bay Buccaneers (Pick)
Week 8: BYE
Week 9: vs. New Orleans Saints (Pick)
Week 10: @ Arizona Cardinals (+10.5)
Week 11: vs. New England Patriots (+6)
Week 12: @ Miami Dolphins (+5)
Week 13: @ Chicago Bears (+5)
Week 14: vs. New York Jets (Pick)
Week 15: @ Atlanta Falcons (+5)
Week 16: @ Los Angeles Rams (+5.5)
Week 17: vs. Seattle Seahawks - No line