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Jets, Browns, Broncos all could look to move up for quarterback

Paxton Lynch is currently the quarterback of choice among mock drafters now that Jared Goff and Carson Wentz appear likely off the board in the top two spots. Will someone move up for him?

The 2016 NFL Draft has already featured some high profile moves, with the Los Angeles Rams and Philadelphia Eagles climbing up to the top two spots. Both are expected to draft quarterbacks, thus leaving Paxton Lynch as arguably the top remaining quarterback on the board.

It is safe to say there will be some maneuvering this coming week, and the New York Jets, Cleveland Browns, and Denver Broncos could be among the teams moving up. Jets GM Mike Maccagnan confirmed the team had inquired with the Tennessee Titans about moving up to the top of the draft. This confirms what Tony Pauline had reported earlier this year. There is no word what they were prepared to give up, but obviously they were not ready to give up the haul given up by the Rams.

Charlie Campbell of Walter Football is reporting the Broncos and Browns have interest in moving up from No. 31 and 32, respectively. He has heard both teams contacted the Green Bay Packers, who hold the No. 27 pick. Both teams have questions at the quarterback position, and could make a move to get Lynch. Or, maybe they end up waiting.

There has been more and more speculation that Lynch could climb up into the single digits next Thursday. While I do think a team could try and reach for Lynch, I don't know that I see it happening up near the San Francisco 49ers pick. The Jets are certainly a possible trading partner, and I know people think a Muhammad Wilkerson deal makes sense. That would require a long-term deal for Wilkerson, and I'm just not seeing it happening at this point. Maybe Trent Baalke surprises us, but I'll believe it when I see it.

Where do you see Lynch going in the first round? Or do you see him slipping out of the round?