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Watch what Mel Kiper, Jon Gruden, Mike Mayock had to say about 49ers drafting A.J. Jenkins

For some reason, NFL Network has decided to re-air old drafts, and recently made their way through the abomination that was the 2012 NFL Draft. It was an absolute train wreck of a draft for the San Francisco 49ers, but it was also an ugly draft for several other teams.

I decided to check out YouTube and try to find some old footage of the Jenkins pick. I came across this video from the ESPN coverage. Mel Kiper and Jon Gruden both weigh in. Naturally, Gruden is a fan of Jenkins. Kiper is not exuberant, but he thinks it makes sense. He viewed Jenkins as an early second round option, and since the 49ers were picking late in the first round, he could see their reasoning.

Additionally, Twitter user @Jcool0 sent along the NFL Network video. Mayock had him ranked as his No. 8 player, but still seemed to be OK with the pick. The general consensus was second round pick, but they seem to figure the 49ers need a receiver, and were picking late in the round.