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Nobody failed NFL Combine drug test

Congratulations to 2016 NFL Draft prospects that passed the stupidity test. Adam Schefter is reporting the NFL notified teams that no player failed the NFL Combine drug tests. The physical in February includes drug testing, and Schefter thinks this is the first time no player has failed.

Over the past two months, there have been rumors that a player failed, with some suggesting Vernon Hargreaves III was that guy. Obviously that was just BS that someone was pushing out there. Teams will push out all sorts of speculation, whether it be drug test failures, injury concerns, or Wonderlic scores. All this information is meant to remain private, but never does.

No failures does not mean nobody from the 2016 class is going to wash out due to drugs. Rather, this is basically a simple intelligence and discipline test. The Combine drug test is not a secret. The NFL runs drug testing in the league and there is some manner of surprise to it, but the Combine drug test should not surprise a single player. If a player cannot stay clean leading up to the Combine, they might have a bigger issue. For now though, nobody will slip because of a failed Combine drug test.