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Myles Jack dealing with chondral defect in right knee, according to Albert Breer

It is hard to tell what to make of UCLA linebacker Myles Jack's knee. How far might he slip?

One of the biggest questions for day one of the 2016 NFL Draft is where UCLA inside linebacker Myles Jack will land. He is one of the most talented players in the draft, but his knee has raised some question marks. Jack suffered a torn meniscus in September, and has been rehabbing since then. There were reports after the medical re-check that opinions were mixed on the speed of his recovery. That led to some anonymous people saying he could play a decade, or the injury could cost him any kind of lengthy career.

NFL Network reporter Albert Breer tweeted out an update about the knee on Sunday. He spoke with sources who suggested Jack has a chondral defect in his knee. Here's what Breer had to say on the topic:

Here are some details on chondral defects. We don't know the exact extent of the injury, and we don't know if this report is even necessarily 100 percent accurate. However, it is out there, and it is up to each team's medical staff to decide what to make of it. For now, it sounds like opinions are mixed. It only takes one team trusting his knee progress to prevent any slide, so we'll see what Thursday brings.