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Appeals court reinstates Tom Brady 4-game suspension

The Second Circuit Court of Appeals decided Sam Bradford did not deserve more than 20 minutes in the limelight. Shortly after Adam Schefter reported Bradford wanted a trade, the 2nd Circuit published their decision in the Tom Brady suspension case. The Court reversed the district court's ruling and reinstated Brady's 4-game suspension for the DeflateGate controversy.

The ruling was based entirely on the CBA, and had little to do with the details of DeflateGate. A federal court provides great deference to labor arbitration awards. It needs to be wildly beyond the pale for a court to reverse an arbitration ruling. As ridiculous as this whole thing has been, the court decided Goodell did not exceed his authority. Essentially, it is further proof that if the NFLPA wants to push back on Goodell's disciplinary power, they are going to have to do it in the collective bargaining process.

Brady is likely to appeal this ruling. He can either appeal to the full Second Circuit (en banc), or he can appeal up to the Supreme Court. My guess is he requests an injunction against the suspension and appeals for an en banc hearing. I have a feeling he would lose in that regard, so odds are pretty good he sits out the first four games of the season. But hey, let's get this thing up to the Supreme Court just to put a cap on the absurdity of it all.

If the suspension remains in place, those first four games include a road game at Arizona to open the season, and then home games against Miami, Houston, and Buffalo. He would return in Week 5 when New England travels to Cleveland. The 49ers don't play the Patriots until Week 11.