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Picture of thin-looking Colin Kaepernick is not something to get in a fuss over

The San Francisco 49ers offseason workout program is a few weeks old now, and one of many stories is Colin Kaepernick's presence in Santa Clara. We have not seen full pictures of Kaepernick, but there is a picture of him floating around the Internet today. Someone got a picture with him in which he looks particularly thin. Someone posted the picture Instagram, and you can view it down below.

I've had several people point it out, and people are poking fun about a skinny Kap. He certainly looks fairly slimmed down, but we have to keep a couple things in mind. The first is that he has always been a fairly thin person. Even though he spends a lot of time working out, I've always thought he looked relatively thin. But more importantly, we also have to remember that he is rehabbing a shoulder injury. I can't imagine he is able to do much in the weigh of significant weight-lifting. He likely could work on his lower body once the knee injury was rehabbed, but with the shoulder injury, he was going to lose some weight.