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Matt Miller's final thoughts on 49ers draft plans

Miller has good contacts in the 49ers front office. How much of this do you buy?

Friend of the site Matt Miller put together a pre-draft scouting notebook on Tuesday that includes his final team-by-team reports. The reports include various team sources that help provide a look at what their teams might be looking to do on draft day.

I don't know how connected he is with other teams, but he has been pretty well tapped into the San Francisco 49ers. Here is what he had to say about the 49ers draft plans:

€”At pick No. 7, expect the 49ers to go toward the trenches unless they can move up to get cornerback Jalen Ramsey, according to my front-office source. ... Names to consider for the 49ers: Laremy Tunsil, DeForest Buckner, Ronnie Stanley. ... I'm told by the same source that linebacker Myles Jack has been moved to the team's "sub-board", which means he wouldn't play in 2016. That's moved him basically off their radar. ... GM Trent Baalke needs to win now, and that's why my contact believes the 49ers are a candidate to move back up into Round 1 and may try to send Colin Kaepernick as trade capital to do so.

It is certainly possible someone could feed him a line to get some misinformation out there. However, DeForest Buckner and Ronnie Stanley have both been repeatedly linked to the 49ers in the pre-draft build-up. They both make sense for the 49ers needs, with the trenches being an area Trent Baalke would want to build out from.

The Myles Jack information is intriguing given the interest in him from fans. The 49ers seem all but guaranteed to get one of Tunsil, Buckner or Stanley if they sit at No. 7. The only way it doesn't happen is if Joey Bosa slips down the draft board, and it seems likely that he is gone in the top six. If Bosa is there at No. 7, I'd be curious to see if the 49ers then decide to move down. Bosa is talented, but there are questions as to whether a 3-4 defense is the best fit for his skillset.

The most intriguing tidbit would be the potential to move back into the bottom of the first round. The 49ers have plenty of picks to move around, but only one tradeable pick in each of the first four rounds. It is a lot easier to move from top two into bottom one, but I would see a deal down from No. 7 as more likely than a move up from No. 37.