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Antoine Bethea expects 49ers to be in great physical shape

The San Francisco 49ers are wrapping up their first day of a voluntary minicamp, and veteran Antoine Bethea chimed in following practice. He is excited for minicamp, and seems fairly certain Chip Kelly is going to have the team in great physical shape.

The defense is going to need to be in some seriously good shape this fall. Chip Kelly's offense brings some serious speed, and his defenses end up playing more than a lot of other defenses. Conditioning is going to be critical.

I would actually say the best thing to see from this is that Bethea is at practice and things are moving along. He suffered a torn pectoral muscle last October, paving the way for rookie Jaquiski Tartt to get extensive playing time. If Bethea is back to 100 percent, it makes for an interesting safety competition. Bethea took a step back last year prior to his injury, but remains a solid veteran presence. How will the depth chart shake out this fall? Will the team try and trade Bethea, or could he just get out-right cut?