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Sam Bradford does not want to re-join Chip Kelly, Jets don't want Bradford

The trade market for Sam Bradford appears to be down to, well, not many teams. NFL Network reporter Jeff Darlington said on the radio that the New York Jets are not interested in Bradford, and Bradford is not interested in a reunion with Chip Kelly. This follows a Monday evening report that said the Broncos had inquired about Bradford, but felt the Eagles asking price was too high.

And so, much like with Colin Kaepernick's trade request, Sam Bradford is not going anywhere for the time being. The differences between these two requests is two-fold: 1) Bradford has already been paid $11 million and the Eagles would have to eat that dead money, while 2) the Broncos want either Kaepernick to take a pay cut for 2016, or the 49ers to pay some portion of his salary. Both situations are nice and awkward.

Just for the heck of it, I've dropped in a poll below. I don't actually think Colin Kaepernick and Sam Bradford will be traded for each other, but I might as well include it as an option.