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Trent Baalke tells ESPN reporter 'it's possible' Colin Kaepernick could be traded this week

Anything is "possible" so I'm guessing the status quo remains in place for now with Colin Kaepernick.

Fooch's update #2Holtzman chimed in.

49ers GM Trent Baalke tells me it's possible Colin Kaepernick could be traded this week. "I wouldn't say we are out there looking for it, but I wouldn't rule it out." Baalke also told me "there's been no talk internally" about Eagles QB Sam Bradford.

Fooch's update: Yep, not much so see here

I am trying to figure out where this was discussed, but Adam Schefter just tweeted that Trent Baalke told ESPN's Bob Holtzman that it is possible Colin Kaepernick could be traded this week. Here is exactly what Schefter said:

Saying "it's possible" does not really give us a whole lot more to make of the situation. The only new thing is that Baalke said this to a media member. He generally is pretty low key on this stuff, so it would be nice to know more of the context of this situation.

Anything is "possible" so saying that it's possible a deal could happen this week likely does not mean a whole lot of much. It's "possible" Kaepernick could be dealt next week, the week after, or any week between now and the start of the season. It was possible he could have been dealt a month ago. There is still no word on any change to the salary issues, and until that is resolved, nothing is happening.

My prediction thus far has been a Friday Kaepernick trade. I'll go ahead and stick with that just in case it actually does happen. If the Broncos take a quarterback on Thursday, the chances of a Friday trade go down significantly. But if they do not take a quarterback on Thursday, maybe something finally happens with this situation.