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Colin Kaepernick 'kinda digs Chip Kelly'

The San Francisco 49ers have been trying to deal quarterback Colin Kaepernick for much of this offseason, but maybe things actually could work out. Or maybe this is just another negotiating ploy. Whatever the case, Matt Maiocco was on 95.7 The Game Wednesday morning, and he said that he is hearing Kaepernick is kinda digging new head coach Chip Kelly.

Could we see a repeat of Alex Smith and Jim Harbaugh in 2011, with Kaepernick and Kelly getting on the same page and building from there? Or are the 49ers just trying to build a little more leverage with the Denver Broncos? Kaepernick has been taking part in the 49ers voluntary offseason workout program, so there was already some built-in leverage that he would stick with the 49ers.

The whole situation remains weird. Trent Baalke said last week that he has not spoken face-to-face with Kaepernick since the start of the program. He did say he has not spoken with 85 percent of the team, but when you are talking to teams about a trade of your highest paid player, it seems like you would make an exception. That is one of many reasons it is hard to take the team seriously when they say they will keep Kaepernick around.

But, maybe Kaepernick will develop a rapport with Kelly that will allow him to forget any angst with the 49ers front office. The next four days will be kind of a big deal in figuring out what's next for 2016.