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Every NFL Draft show cliche you'll ever need to hear

The 2016 NFL Draft gets going in a little over 24 hours, and that means we will get to enjoy ESPN and NFL Network telling us all about every single pick. I am more of an NFL Network fan, but I might be stuck with ESPN for the weekend. I don't really pay a ton of attention since picks are tipped on Twitter, but it will be on in the background.

The shows themselves provide some value at times, but more often than not, the many analysts will be providing a lot of cliches. We'll hear about experience, length, hustle, power, grit, blue collar work ethics, and so much more.

It is actually fairly predictable, and so SB Nation put together a draft show a day in advance. Matt Ufford, Susannah Collins, and Dan Rubenstein put together a show that will basically tell you everything you need to know, a day in advance. That means you can just hang out here or on Twitter and skip the ESPN and NFL Network shows tomorrow. You're welcome!