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Myles Jack discussed his knee injury recovery, and it was not exactly optimistic

This strikes me as far from ideal. Although, having a realistic view of things is probably a plus.

Myles Jack is as talented as anybody in this draft, but the knee injury is something that will keep some teams away from him. It might seem right up Trent Baalke's alley, but all indications are that the team will go with a DeForest Buckner or Ronnie Stanley (or Laremy Tunsil if he slips) over Jack.

One good point someone made somewhere online today was that the best fit might be a team like the New York Giants. They have a small window to win with Eli Manning, so if Jack ends up not lasting more than three or four years, it's really not a big deal for them. On the other hand, the Jacksonville Jaguars have been connected to him, but given how they are hoping to be entering their competitive window, maybe they choose to pass on Jack.

Bovada released odds on when players will be drafted. The over/under for Myles Jack is currently 8. Over means he is drafted top 7, and under means after 8. The Jaguars seem like the logical spot, but the knee stuff leaves me hesitant. I don't see the 49ers drafting him, so maybe he does end up slipping to the Giants at No. 10.