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Anthony Davis tweets the 49ers should go offensive tackle

The outspoken and currently retired San Francisco 49ers offensive tackle takes to Twitter to suggest what the 49ers should draft

Chris Humphreys-USA TODAY Sports

We still haven't heard word about Anthony Davis returning to the San Francisco 49ers, let alone the National Football League since we heard about the headaches Trent Baalke was giving him. Regardless if he returns or not, Davis went to Twitter to give his own suggestions on what position the 49ers should draft. The position makes sense, but is a bit surprising coming from Davis:

Davis 1st tweet

Anthony Davis plays (or played) offensive tackle.

At first I wasn't ready to draw any conclusions and figured it was a suggestion to add depth to the struggling 49ers offensive line. If Davis were to return, there are a bevy of scenarios where drafting an offensive tackle with the 7th pick makes sense; a successor to Joe Staley that can sit and learn, some depth for a rotation in Chip Kelly's system, you name it, there's a reason to do it. Then this next tweet came out:

Davis 2nd tweet

This is where it gets awkward. Who knows what's going on between Davis and the 49ers front office at this point. Davis has not been afraid to speak his mind on Twitter, even when he was an active member of the 49ers roster. For all we know, this is just a jab at Trent Baalke for the continued headaches, or this could signal the absence of Anthony Davis for another season. Until something is official, even with this, we're left to just speculate, but this doesn't sound too promising.

I'm going to link his Twitter page in case he says anything else about the subject on here. For now, until something is officially said (like drafting an OT with the 7th pick), I'd say take it with a grain of salt. Looking at it at face value though, the 49ers may need an offensive tackle Thursday.