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Mike Mayock mock draft includes Ronnie Stanley climbing high

Mike Mayock released his one mock draft of the year, and he has an expected name to the San Francisco 49ers. He also has Ronnie Stanley climbing higher than most expect.

It's Draft day, which means mock drafts are almost finished! We'll have some mock drafts today, some day two mock drafts tomorrow, and a 2017 mock draft after the draft, just for kicks. However, for today, we'll start today with Mike Mayock's one mock draft of the year.

Mayock has the San Francisco 49ers drafting defensive tackle DeForest Buckner. There has been a lot of talk that Buckner might go to the San Diego Chargers, but Mayock went with a bit of a surprise at No. 3. He has the Chargers selecting Notre Dame offensive tackle Ronnie Stanley. He has Laremy Tunsil slipping to No. 6 where the Baltimore Ravens trade the pick to the Tennessee Titans. Stanley has been rising over the last week, with some suggesting he's a better option than Tunsil. Our own David Neumann thinks otherwise.

The Jaguars pick of Jalen Ramsey would not be a surprise given that many view him as the best overall option in this draft. They have been connected frequently to Myles Jack, but Mayock has Jack slipping to the Oakland Raiders at No. 14. If his knee holds up, that's an absolute steal for the Raiders. I think the New York Giants at No. 10 are another option if he slips past the 49ers, but we'll see how teams feel about his knee.

There has been chatter about a fourth or even fifth quarterback going in the first round, but Mayock only has three. He has Jared Goff and Carson Wentz at the top, and then Paxton Lynch at No. 20 to the New York Jets. I feel like somebody will make a trade up to grab Lynch. I don't know where that will happen, but it just seems like a strong possibility.