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2016 NFL Draft rumors: Paxton Lynch, Connor Cook, Dak Prescott are QB names to watch

The quarterback board is a tough one to figure out. The San Francisco 49ers need a QB to develop, but who will slip out of the first round? There are all sorts of rumors on draft day.

The top of the 2016 NFL Draft is pretty well set, with quarterbacks Jared Goff and Carson Wentz expected to go first and second on Thursday. Once they are off the board, the quarterback position gets particularly interesting. There has been some chatter that as many as four or five quarterbacks could go in the first round. Most mock drafts have Paxton Lynch going somewhere in the first, but there is little consensus on any of the other quarterbacks.

The lead up to the draft has resulted in all sorts of random rumors about different quarterbacks. Here are a few of the more notable reports:

I am not entirely sure I buy that it is hard to find a landing spot for Lynch. My guess is Schefter's tweet is based on what he's hearing, and teams like the New York Jets and Denver Broncos might be playing coy with the media for now. Either could grab a quarterback, but we could also see someone move up from the second round.

Could it be the San Francisco 49ers? They have spoken to a lot of quarterbacks in this process. They have enough picks to do some moving from their second round pick, but they could also decide to let the board come to them. That back half of the first round is going to be interesting to track throughout Thursday evening. If we don't see a run on quarterbacks, that could end up happening early on day two.