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Connor Cook thinks the 49ers like him in the draft

Will the 49ers grab Cook? I am skeptical, but maybe all this attention really is reality.

The San Francisco 49ers have visited with numerous quarterbacks over the past three months, and Connor Cook has been one of the popular ones. The team was on hand for his Pro Day, conducted a private workout with him, and even flew him to Santa Clara for a visit. There's clearly some level of interest, although that does not guarantee he ends up on the roster.

Cook has been making the media rounds this week, and on Wednesday he made an appearance on the Dan Patrick Show. Patrick asked him if any teams really loved him during the pre-draft build-up.

"You know I think, as of right now, I think the Niners like me. I've heard the Denver Broncos like me, and the Dallas Cowboys. You know, I feel like every place I visited, the people liked me."

Patrick pushed on who really loves him, and Cook added a little more about the 49ers. He also had some comments about the Dolphins coaching staff and others.

"I don't know the answer to that. I don't know if I've really felt loved anywhere I've gone. Obviously the coaching staff at San Francisco was super cool. I liked those guys a lot."

That career of sub-60 percent completion percentages is not exactly ideal for Chip Kelly's offense. The 49ers have a QB need, but I'm not sure he fits what they would be looking for at the position. I'd like to think nothing will surprise me the next three days, so selecting Cook would not be a shocker. I would just be a little bit surprised to see it happen.