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2016 NFL Draft rumors: Could the 49ers consider trade up for Jalen Ramsey?

The San Francisco 49ers have a lot of picks to move, and a lot of questions up and down the roster. Would a deal for Jalen Ramsey make sense?

There has been some chatter that the San Francisco 49ers might have interest in moving up in the draft. They were connected to the No. 1 and No. 2 picks through some rumors, but nothing came of it. Now that we know two quarterbacks will be going in those top two spots, could the 49ers look to move up for potentially the best defensive player in the draft?

Friend of the site Matt Miller, and someone who is fairly well connected in the 49ers front office had this to say about a potential move up for Jalen Ramsey.

This is likely assuming the San Diego Chargers select either DeForest Buckner, Laremy Tunsil, or Ronnie Stanley. If Ramsey is there at No. 5, I could see multiple teams talking to the Jacksonville Jaguars about their pick. Of course, it would probably take a sizable haul, because I have to think the Jaguars would love sticking Ramsey in their secondary. He is expected to play cornerback, but has versatility to also play safety. The Jaguars have been connected to Myles Jack, but if they think his knee is too much of a question, and Ramsey is there at No. 5, it's hard to turn that down.

As for the 49ers? If Elliott and one of Buckner, Tunsil, or Stanley is gone after picks three and four, things get interesting. Ramsey is on the board, as would be Joey Bosa and two of the three from the group above. The team has been connected to Paxton Lynch in recent mock drafts, but my guess is they want someone to deal up ahead of them for Lynch to push down someone else. If that doesn't happen, maybe the 49ers deal down. So much turns on the Chargers at No. 3, but if the 49ers don't move up, when they go on the clock at No. 7, there are a whole lot of possibilities.

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