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Reggie Ragland diagnosed with enlarged aorta, moving down some team's draft boards, per report

The 2016 NFL Draft will see some players slip for a variety of reasons, and it appears Alabama inside linebacker Reggie Ragland could be one such player. NFL Network reporter Ian Rapoport tweeted out that Ragland has been diagnosed with an enlarged aorta, and it has some teams moving him down their draft boards. Rapoport clarified that the injury is not expected to alter his football career, but it will require annual monitoring.

People have been replying to Rapoport saying that there is a good chance it is not a huge deal for the near future. Nonetheless, when you hear heart issues, red flags pop up, fair or not. Ragland has been mocked into the middle and late part of the first round. It only takes one team liking him, but if enough teams are concerned about this, Ragland could very well slip out of the first round. If that happens, that's some serious value at the inside linebacker position. The 49ers have a need at the position, and even with this heart issue, getting Ragland in the second could be a good thing.