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Video of Colin Kaepernick, Chip Kelly, and more at 49ers minicamp

The 49ers are closing out their first minicamp on Thursday. Video and pictures are emerging from the session.

The San Francisco 49ers are holding the third and final day of their voluntary minicamp on Thursday, and media were allowed to observe the session. Teams with a new coach get an extra 3-day minicamp in April, and attendance sounds pretty solid for the 49ers session.

Media on hand shot some video from the practice. We got some actual footage of Colin Kaepernick. He is rehabbing his shoulder injury, so he was primarily shadowing the other quarterbacks, and working without a football. We also see a picture of Quinton Patton with a splint on his hand. There is no word on what the injury is.

Here are a few tweets of note. Down below that I've embedded our 49ers beat writer widget for media availability. We'll hopefully have some transcripts and the like later once the draft quiets down a bit!