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Anthony Davis deletes tweet about 49ers medical staff

Anthony Davis is clearly pissed off. And if he has specifics, then so be it. But this tweet then delete is getting old.

Prior to the start of the San Francisco 49ers offseason workout program, I figured Colin Kaepernick was the likely candidate to pull a Costanza to try and force his way out of the organization. Turns out Anthony Davis is that person. The retired right tackle tweeted on Thursday that the 49ers should draft a tackle in the first round, and that he did not want to work with a front office or anyone else who doesn't seem to want to win as bad as him.

Well, he added and subsequently deleted a tweet Thursday that poured even more gas on this. Thanks to @49ersHub for grabbing a screenshot. Davis seems to be calling out the 49ers medical staff for not catching his torn bicep. I can certainly understand being pissed if that was the case. At the same time, if he is pissed, why delete the tweet? Or why not just explain it all out if you want to dump on the organization?

I have zero problem with him being pissed about this kind of thing, but at least be clear and to the point. If he has a problem with the 49ers tactics with regard to bonus money or anything else, make it clear. If he has a problem with the trainers, make it known. This isn't about shutting up and playing ball. But quit with this semi, sort of passive aggressive nonsense. That's what actually bugs me about this whole situation. Just get to the point.

Whatever the case, it seems like Davis has little interest in playing for the 49ers. He has no real leverage at this point given his retired status, so in some ways it just seems like lashing out because he's pissed off.