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Video, pictures of Laremy Tunsil with bong gas mask making the rounds

Umm, so the draft got really interesting in a hurry. A few minutes before the 2016 NFL Draft got going, a rather surprising video began making the rounds. OT prospect Laremy Tunsil's Twitter account sent out a video of him smoking from a bong while wearing a gas mask. It sounds like his account was hacked because Tunsil was up on stage at the draft when the video and pictures went out. I've posted a screenshot as well as a video below.

The big question now is what happens with Tunsil. He was projected No. 1 earlier this year, but was still considered a top seven prospect following the Rams and Eagles moves up to the top of the draft. The Chargers passed on him for . It is not a stunning move, but is Tunsil going to slide now? Robert Nkemdiche ratted out Tunsil for being with him at a marijuana bust, but this video is a slightly bigger deal. I'm curious if NFL teams knew about this prior to today? We'll see how it plays out.