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2016 NFL Draft results: Broncos trade up with Seahawks, pick Paxton Lynch

And that might end any chance of a Colin Kaepernick trade.

And we have the first big quarterback maneuver of the 2016 NFL Draft. The Denver Broncos traded with the Seattle Seahawks to move up from No. 31 to No. 26. The Broncos used that pick to select Memphis quarterback Paxton Lynch.

Jared Goff and Carson Wentz were long expected to go early in the draft, and the Rams and Eagles moves up to 1 and 2 locked that in. The question then became what would happen with the rest of the quarterbacks. Well, we have our first of what will be many answers.

The Broncos decision to draft Lynch could very well end any chance of the Broncos and 49ers doing a trade for Colin Kaepernick. Anything is still possible, especially with Mark Sanchez as the most experienced quarterback in Denver, but odds are longer and longer of a deal.

The next question is what the New York Jets elect to do. Ryan Fitzpatrick is not willing to agree to their terms. Maybe Colin Kaepernick ends up an option. There are still quarterbacks on the board, so we'll see what day two brings.