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2016 NFL Draft: Start time, TV schedule, live stream, 49ers picks for Friday's Round 2, 3

Day two of the 2016 NFL Draft gets going Friday afternoon. Here is a quick look at the usual television information, and where the 49ers stand heading into round two.

The 2016 is through a wild first round, and we start to slowly work our way into the grind. Day 2 will still feature some big names as we cover rounds two and three. The San Francisco 49ers traded away their second round pick to move into the back of the first round, but they do have have one pick in the third round. It is possible they move back into the second, but we'll see what the evening brings.

The 49ers drafted DeForest Buckner and Joshua Garnett on Thursday, and opinions are mixed. The Buckner pick is receiving mostly positive reviews, while the decision to trade up for a grade left some folks scratching their heads. It does set up both sides of the trenches, which is how Trent Baalke likes to build out his teams. The 49ers now have nine picks remaining to fill various other needs.

Round two kicks off at 4:00 p.m. PT from Chicago. The NFL allows seven minutes per pick in round two, and then five minutes per pick in round three. The three comp picks at the end of round three get four minutes. Day 3 will kick off on Saturday at 9 a.m. PT, and it will be five minutes per pick for rounds four through six, and four minutes for round seven and all the comp picks.


ESPN and NFL Network will once again provide television coverage. I prefer NFL Network, but given that I spend more time on Twitter than watching the television screen, I suppose it's not too big a deal what is on. But if you're looking for the best option, it's a tougher call after day one. Once Chris Berman is off the screen, ESPN's coverage improves quite a bit.


If you do not have television access during the draft, will provide a live stream of the day's festivities.

49ers draft picks

1. First round: DeForest Buckner, DT, Oregon
2. First round: Joshua Garnett, OG, Stanford

3. Third round: Own pick - No. 5 (68)
4. Fourth round: Comp pick - No. 35 (133)
5. Fifth round: San Diego Chargers (2015 draft-day trade) - No. 3 (142)
6. Fifth round: Own pick - No. 6 (145)
7. Fifth round: Comp pick - No. 37 (174)
8. Sixth round: Denver Broncos (Vernon Davis trade) - No. 32 (207)
9. Sixth round: Comp pick - No. 36 (211)
10. Sixth round: Comp pick - No. 38 (213)
11. Seventh: Kansas City Chiefs (2016 draft-day trade) - No. 28 (249)