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Joshua Garnett on run-blocking: 'I like to run through people's soul'

The San Francisco 49ers landed Stanford offensive guard Joshua Garnett after a move up into the first round on Thursday. Garnett spent the day at home in Washington, and will arrive in the Bay Area Friday afternoon for his introductory press conference.

In the meantime, he conducted an interview with a local Washington news station Friday morning. You can watch the video above, but far and away the best line was when he was describing his run blocking. He said that at the Combine, he told teams "I like to run through people's soul."

The video below is from a game this past fall in which Garnett has two blocks that I could watch over and over again. Garnett is wearing #51 on this screen pass. On the first block after the snap, he throws defensive lineman Jaylen Johnson to the side. The block seems fairly easy given the nature of the screen blocking, but it is still fun to watch him send Johnson down to the ground.

The second block is against defensive back JoJo McIntosh. The size difference is obvious, but again, it is still fun to see him just knock the crap out McIntosh.

This is just one play, so we certainly won't take this as gospel on anything, but a football player that says he wants to run through your soul is someone that will get my attention.