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Dallas Cowboys pick Jaylon Smith, Jaguars pick Myles Jack

The 2016 NFL Draft just got a lot more interesting in the second round. The Dallas Cowboys rolled the dice in a big way selecting Notre Dame linebacker Jaylon Smith. That was followed by the Jacksonville Jaguars trading up and drafting UCLA linebacker Myles Jack.

Smith is not expected to play this season. He tore multiple ligaments and reports have been mixed about how soon he can return. NaVorro Bowman had some advice for him earlier this month. It is intriguing that Jack went two spots after Smith. While Smith suffered multiple torn ligaments at the end of the college season, Jack tore his meniscus in the early part of the season. However, Jack reportedly is dealing with a degenerative defect that could require microfracture surgery. Dr. James Andrews said on Friday that he does not require it right now, but it remained on the radar for teams.

But both linebackers are now off the board. The 49ers have a need at the position, but won't get one of the two bigger names. And the Jaguars? They just grabbed Myles Jack after getting Jalen Ramsey in the first round. If Jack can stay healthy for some period of time, those could be the top two defensive players in this draft.