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Anthony Dixon chimes in on 49ers draft pick Will Redmond

The San Francisco 49ers went to the torn ACL well on Friday, selecting cornerback Will Redmond in the third round of the 2016 NFL Draft. Redmond went to Mississippi State, and one of his fellow alum weighed in. Yep, Anthony Dixon tweeted about the pick!

Redmond is speaking to the media as we speak, and he said he expects to play in 2016. He tore the ACL in late October, and said his April medical re-check in Indianapolis went well. In reality, he could very well be back for training camp. When Kyle Williams tore his ACL in November a few years back, he was back for training camp. Of course, Redmond is a rookie and Trent Baalke does like his medical red-shirt candidates.

We really won't know where things stand with this until training camp opens. The team has to make their NFI and PUP decisions by the first day of camp. My guess is Redmond opens camp on the NFI list, but maybe we're surprised for once.