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49ers draft pick Will Redmond talks ACL rehab, playing style

The newest member of the San Francisco 49ers is coming off a torn ACL last October. He got a few questions about the injury while chatting with local media. We've got a full transcript, and you can listen to audio here.

When were you expecting to get this phone call that you'd been drafted?

"I was just waiting. I was just waiting, I really didn't know, I was just waiting. I knew I had some good visits. I was just waiting on the phone call."

Did you make a visit to the 49ers?

"I did. I did. It went real good. My visit went real good. I liked the coaches. I think I impressed them. I liked the program. I liked everything about it."

Can you give us an updated on your health, Will, and just your expectations this coming year?

"Well, I'm just trying to get there, work hard. Get with the trainers, get back healthy. That's my biggest focus right now. Get back healthy. Get back on the field. Get ready to play. Get ready to do my best for the 49ers."

What are you able to do right now physically?

"Well, I'm just right now, I've really just been rehabbing real good and just working out and I'm just ready to get up there and work out with those guys. Get with the trainers and get healthy."

Can you tell us how that injury happened, Will, and just what you thought when you did suffer it?

"Well, it was just a one-on-one at practice, just a bad deal. I didn't think anything. First thing I thought about was just I've got to get back right, because I know I love playing football and I love doing it every day."

For people who don't know you, who are unfamiliar with you, how would you describe yourself, your style of play?

"I would say I'm an explosive guy, fast. I always want to make plays."

Any idea what you would have run if you could have run at the combine?

"Low 4.3, probably."

Low 4.3?

"Low 4.3."

What have you heard about when you can start playing in a football game again?

"Well, I'm just ready to get up there. I haven't talked to any trainers up there. When I get up there, I'll take all the advice that they give me. Keep working and they're going to let me know."

They've had a history here the last few years, drafting players coming off ACLs. Did they apprise you of that and just kind of tell you that they'll know how to take care of somebody like you?

"Yeah, each trainer, well when I was there, they said that they are going to take care of me regardless. They said they are going to get me right. So, that's all I'm pretty much focused on, getting right and getting healthy."

Did you have to go to the recheck in Indy?

"I did. It went real well for me."

No issues? Everything is solid?

"No issues. It was solid."

Do you expect to play in 2016?

"Oh yes. I expect to play in 2016."

Who did the surgery on you?

"Dr. Andrews."